ZENI DeFi Bridge

Creating access to liquidity through global decentralized markets and exchange.


Activity in the DeFi ecosystem

The Decentralized Financial ecosystem has reached a point of accessibility that can also assist with broader liquidity for other cryptocurrency systems. Better interoperability and cross compatibility are enabling new forms of exchange regularly. These systems can be connected to the Zennies blockchain to create transactions for more applications. More transacting capabilities will increase adoption and usage while adding potential for further expansion of the Zennies economy.

Liquidity plays a vital role in the viability of a cryptocurrency. Zennies has maintained liquidity throughout its lifetime and is in optimal position for growth. Global cryptocurrency exchange capabilities have only grown since Zennies began and these additional channels are available to Zennies. The requirements for Zennies expansion into new markets is a matter of exercise demonstrated previously by many other cryptocurrencies and digital assets.